Direct Marketing – The Fast Way To Start Making Money as an Affiliate

All the strategies we’ve looked at so far focus on long-term plans to build trust and momentum and to eventually turn that into sales.

But what if you want to market directly and skip all the fluff? You won’t build the same long-term business model but you’ll make money fast and that’s what a lot of people are keen to do.

Remember as well that you can combine any of the techniques in this book. So you can use a blog and content marketing to gain trust and you can use direct marketing to make shorter-term income.

Direct marketing basically means using your link and showing it directly to your audience. There are a number of ways you can do this:

Paid Advertising

The most obvious way to get your link out there immediately is with advertising. The best option here will be to use a form of PPC advertising, which means ‘Pay Per Click’. With this type of advertising you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ads. This amount is predefined by ‘bidding’ on advertising space and by setting an advertising budget.

As a general rule though, you’ll usually only pay a few cents or a few dollars at most for each click. This then means that if you’re getting $30 per sale on your affiliate product, you’ll be able to make a lot of ‘mistakes’ before you stop breaking even. In general you can have less than a 2.5% success rate and still make a profit.

What’s more, if you use your advertising platforms correctly, you can target your audience and thereby ensure that you’re only advertising to people who are likely to want to buy your product.

With Facebook Ads for instance, you can target your audience based on their age, sex, location, marital status, job description and even hobbies. That means you can make sure that your fitness e-book ad only gets seen to be people who are young, male and who list ‘fitness’ as their hobby. Likewise, you can ensure that it’s managers who see your advert for an SEO e-book aimed at small business.

With Google AdWords on the other hand, you can target by search term and this effectively allows you to get the same benefits as SEO – but immediately and without any chance of it not working. So for example, you can use AdWords to target the search term ‘e-book on making money online’. Remember, you won’t get charged if no one clicks!

As a quick tip, consider placing the price of the affiliate product right in the title of the advert. This way people won’t click unless they’re at least theoretically willing to spend some money on whatever it is you’re selling.

More Direct Marketing Techniques

There are a ton of other ways you can start making money immediately from direct marketing though too.

One example is to sponsor a big blogger or social media influencer to use your link. Another is to provide guest posts with your affiliate link embedded in them, or a link to a landing page – this way there’s zero up-front investment so you’ll be making pure profit. This is another form of influencer marketing.

You can also post directly onto forums, answer questions on sites like Quora, or post to social bookmarking sites – just be careful not to get banned. You can create a YouTube video and get a surprising number of views without having to do any marketing or legwork and you can even hand out fliers and leaflets in person containing your affiliate link or landing page.

Another trick is to give out free e-books. If your e-book provides real genuine value to your audience but is filled with affiliate links, then this can be a great strategy.

Think about it: if someone e-mailed you an e-book about building biceps completely for free, you’d probably at least look at it. And if it highly recommended a product, then some people would click on the link. If you’re adventurous you can even use Kindle to do this – giving away an e-book for free via Amazon and incorporating your affiliate links that way.

Your Tasks

  1. Create an advertiser account at Google Adwords and Facebook. Adwords and Facebook have very different types of audience. In Adwords, your audience are people who want to look for a solution and buy products that answer their problems. Therefore, Adwords is more suitable if you want to make a quick sale by direct linking to your affiliate product offer. Facebook is suitable for collecting email subscribers and leads that you can follow up later on. My recommendations to get advanced online advertising training are GMoneyPro and Facebook Traffic Rush.
  2. Set up a free account at Q & A community sites like Quora. Look for questions that are related to your affiliate offer. For example, if you are promoting a woodworking guide from Clickbank, look for people that ask about woodworking tips. Try to give the best answer as possible and then put your landing page link within your answer. Do not spam these communities by giving short burst of generic answers. They will kick you out and ban you if you spam.
  3. Write an ebook that mentions your affiliate offer as a solution and give it away for free in forums, online communities, social media or using emails. If you do not have the time to create a free ebook to promote your affiliate offers, you can purchase ebooks on various topics with private label rights at PLR means that you can claim authorship on the ebooks that you purchase.

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