Advanced Affiliate Marketing Techniques And Lessons

Sometimes product creators will want to encourage a little extra effort in their affiliates to get them to push their products even harder. This is especially common if they are launching the product for a limited time only such as a 7 day special.

They then offer cash prizes for the affiliates that bring in the most money, offering yet more incentive to this particular form of incentive advertising.

This snapshot was taken from a product creator’s affiliate contest which shows the prizes affiliates could potentially win:


This particular example shows that ‘No Minimum’. This means that no minimum sales are required to qualify for the cash prizes. However, you will find other product owners’ contests to have a minimum sales required. A minimum is used as a safety guard in case their launch does not reach the amount of sales expected.

So how do you go about winning a contest in order to win the prizes?

Basically, now you have to think that you are not only trying to sell, you’re also trying to compete. That means you need to find a way to offer something extra on top of what everyone else is offering. Try providing incentive purchases by offering bonuses to buyers – free e-books for instance, discounts off of future products, videos… anything you can think of!

The best way to go about it is to offer bonuses that are highly related to the product being sold. For instance, if you are promoting a product related to burning belly fat, you could offer bonuses such as eBooks on how to get six pack abs. Another example – if you are promoting a membership plug-in, you could offer video tutorials on how to get started using the plug-in.

Here’s a real-life example of just one bonus offered when customers purchase a course called ‘Healthy Business, Healthy Life’:

As you can see, this bonus eBook is highly related to the main product being promote – Healthy Business, Healthy Life.

Offering bonuses not only separates yourself from other affiliates, but it also increases conversion rates since your customers will be more inclined to purchase.

Building your audience will also help you to get a head start on the competition this way. More leads in your email database always leads to more sales in the end, so always make it a priority to build your email database or as Internet marketers like to call it – “email list”.

Look for these contests and opportunities as they can provide a good opportunity to make money and the buzz and competition will only push you to try harder and do better.

How to Transition From Affiliate Marketer To Product Creator

Note that there is another approach: which is to transition more gradually from the one business model to the next.

For instance, you can find an affiliate product you like the looks of, start making money from it with whatever marketing approach best suits you and then tweak this until it’s optimized. Then, once you’ve got the income working 100%, you simply swap the product for your own product so that you start getting 100% of each sale.

Maintain Good Relationships With Product Owners

One of the best ways to make sure you get the best treatment as an affiliate is to build relationships with vendors and products owners. By doing so you’re seen not just as a regular affiliate but as a loyal and trustworthy partner. The keyword here is partner.

As a result, it’s not surprisingly that they will bump your commission rate higher than what they usually offer to regular affiliates. In essence, there’s always room for negotiation for extra benefits by building good relationships with vendors.

The ways in which you can maintain good relationships:

  1. Subscribe to their affiliate/partner newsletter to find out if there are any special launches or promotions. You want to be the first to take action on it.
  2. Let the vendors know where and how you are promoting their product(s) as a way to showcase your ability and willingness to make sales.
  3. Request for promotional tools that are unique to you and you only. Typically, vendors offer ready-made promotional tools where hundreds of other affiliates are using, too. Vendors are usually more than happy to provide something more unique for you and your audience. This may include slight adjustments to banner ads, email copy, ad campaigns and more.

Your Tasks

  1. Purchase several related PLR products and ebooks at to offer as a bonus to your potential customers if they buy products from your affiliate links.
  2. By now, you should have completed building your affiliate marketing system by having your own landing page, blog, email campaigns, content and several affiliate product offers. If you missed anything, return to the class room to review what you have done and what needs to be done.
  3. If you have done some of the tasks and still feel overwhelmed, a quick solution is to leverage the done-for-you Clickbank Passive Income system from Patric Chan. This system completes 99% of the job for you and all you need to do is driving traffic to the system and let Patric and his team do the work while you enjoy the commissions.
  4. If you have not done anything nor be interested in using the Clickbank Passive Income System, I am not sure whether you are serious about being a successful affiliate marketer and I don’t think affiliate marketing or entrepreneurship in general suits you. So, your final task is go back to your 9-5 job.

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