AvaHi, my name is Hans David. I am a journalist, blogger, internet marketer and the founder of WordPrezzto.

WordPrezzto comes from the word WordPress and presto because I think that WordPress is the number one application that you can use to start building your websites for your online business in the quickest and easiest way as possible.

I started to learn about online marketing in 2010 and started my first blog in 2011.

Like most of you, I purchased a lot of garbage products during my first years trying to be an internet marketer. Basically, it was all my fault. I got distracted too easily and was never really focused on what I really wanted to build online.

About a year ago, I started building my own personal blog to brand myself as a journalist and a blogger.

As of now, my personal blog could gain at least 3,000 monthly visitors and at one time, a particular article got shared 10,000 times on Facebook and it sky rocketed my traffic to 35,000 visits in a day.

My personal blog is HansDavidian.com and it is in Indonesian because I target the local audience in my country.

In this blog, I am targeting the international audience and here I will provide free lessons on affiliate marketing and shares some of the latest internet marketing tools that I am using to build both my personal and business blogs.

If you have anything else to ask me, do not hesitate to connect with me via these social media accounts: